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AM Drum - custom made - EXTRA SPECIAL design - steel tongue drum 8

260.00 - On Sale

Steel tongue drum - by AM Drums


Custom made steel tongue drum - personalised for you with a unique personal design, hand-painted in detail with loving care.

We have created this listing so the cost of a unique special design, with detailed, hand-painted artwork is included.

Please see the photos for an example. You can have the same design as this, or something COMPLETELY NEW AND UNIQUE.

Let the appearance of your AM Drum be a reflection of the loving vibrations you send out through its beautiful music. The choices are all yours. This is to be made especially for you or your loved one. It's important that it is a part of you.

Any colours of the rainbow are possible - red; orange; yellow; ochre; terracotta; dark green; light green; lime green; turquoise/aqua; light blue; royal blue; indigo/navy; purple; lilac; pale pink; cerise pink; gold; silver; bronze - or a 'shimmering steel' effect, where the metal is treated and burnt to create shimmering shades of blue, purple and ochre.


Please see the photos for an example. You can have the same design as this, or something COMPLETELY NEW AND UNIQUE.

You could have a TOTALLY DIFFERENT, PERSONAL IMAGE which reflects your own personality, tastes and interests.

We ask you to send us some images to show us your ideas. Ideally you should have a very good idea of what you want, though we can help to make suggestions for the finished design.

Please message us before buying (, so that we can discuss it, to be sure your design is possible. We are only human and we will be completely honest with you about possibilities.

We do ask for some flexibility too, so that you are fairly open-minded about the end result. You can see from the pictures the quality of our work - and you can request to see a photo for approval before it is dispatched. Some people prefer to keep it as a surprise, though ;-D


You can choose any musical scale. To help you choose, listen to samples of our drums here:

Each scale is also available in various frequencies. If you're not sure, just ask us to recommend one.

A brief summary;

440hz - This is the standard, concert frequency. Good for musicians or if you want to play along with other people or other

432hz - The frequency for healing, meditation, relaxation, personal awakening.

444hz - This is derived from the frequency of C= 528hz, which some believe to be the ''universal love frequency''.

Our personal preference is 432hz, as we find it to have a subtly warmer, more loving vibration.


This AM Drum comes with:

- A complementary pair of rubber-tipped drumsticks
- An information sheet showing the tuning / notes on the drum (in English or French)



N.B. The usual production timescale is approx. 1 month, but sometimes there is a little flexibility - so please contact us if this is an issue for you.


We deliver all over the world. No countries are excluded [though local customs duties are your own responsibility]. If yours doesn't come up, just send us a message to add it.

For customers outside of Europe, America and Canada, the postage prices may be approximate.


Yes! AM Drums can be played by hand or with rubber-tipped drum sticks (provided). Playing by hands usually takes a little practise to get the right technique (though some people get it instantly), and it is a quieter, more personal experience. When using sticks, the sound is much louder and clearer, which is great for busking, performance or making recordings.

This video shows a comparison between using your hands and using the sticks:

Here is another example of an AM Drum being played by hand, by a talented percussionist at a festival (bear with it, it starts slowly):

. . . . . . . . . . . .


AM Drums are steel tongue drums, otherwise known as hank / tank / slit drums or sometimes handpans. They are an alternative to the Hang, that well-known Swiss steel instrument (that used to cost around 1200 euros, but which is no longer available), but they are not the same. AM Drums are a much more affordable and accessible alternative, yet still have a similar sound and can be used for busking, recordings etc etc.

Ma Rustic has been making steel tongue AM Drums for many years and has perfected the art, so that tuning, form and paintwork are all of the finest quality.

AM Drums are made in and shipped from France. We deliver worldwide, so if your country isn't listed - just ask. If you don't
see your country listed, just message us first, so we can check the postage price. No countries are excluded [though local
customs duties are your own responsibility].


AM Drums have a warm, harmonious sound which resonates with vibrations in the human body, so they can help you to find an inner balance and strength. This is our inspiration for making them and we hope to spread love as far and wide as possible through our instruments.

They are very easy to play and encourage you to find your creativity. No musical experience or skill is needed.

AM Drums can be used for therapeutic, healing / Reiki and holistic purposes - including meditation and personal awakening - as well as to accompany other instruments, such as string instruments and other kinds of percussion instruments.

Playing the AM Drum can be a deeply uplifting, spiritual experience. We invite you to try them out and find your own tune :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


AM Drums are made from recycled steel. The shape may have some indentations in it which originate from it's original form. This is just part of your AM Drum's character. It is purely cosmetic and does not affect the quality or tuning of the instrument in
any way. Photographs are for impression only.

If you have chosen from a photograph, we strive to make your drum as similar as possible to the photo, and the best possible. Each one is custom made so it is unique, and there may be some slight variation.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Email us with your choices ( and we will make it to order just for you.


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