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AM Drum - READY MADE - steel tongue drum - Chakra scale - MANDALA design - hang hank handpan

240.00 - On Sale

AM Drum - ready made - for immediate dispatch


Hank tank drum - similar to a hang or handpan

This AM Drum is ready made, available to buy TODAY off the shelf, for quick dispatch.


The Mandala design evokes mindfulness and sets the tone for meditation.

It is tuned to our CHAKRA SALE in 432hz - C Major.

Listen to it here:

432hz = universal grounding, meditational frequency; aligned with nature; relaxing and warm sound

To hear other samples of our drums, go to:

This drum is ready made, available to buy off the shelf, for quick dispatch. NEXT DAY DELIVERY !
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UPGRADE any drum to TUNABLE (OPTIONAL) - which gives you total flexibility. You can retune the drum yourself, easily and infinitely, with no limitations.
Gives you a wide range of scales and frequencies, and everything in between. SEE DROP-DOWN MENU AT CHECK-OUT.

We offer guidance and aftersales support, if you need it.

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This AM Drum comes with

- A complementary pair of rubber-tipped drumsticks
- An information guide to the tuning and each corresponding note on the drum [in English].
- A free bag is included [this is a simple, hessian, draw-string bag]

Optional extras (see drop-down menu at check-out) include:

- a wooden stand
- the ''TUNABLE'' feature

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All AM Drums are hand-made with loving care and personal attention. This one is simply made in advance, for those of you who don't have the time to wait for a custom-made drum.

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Read more general info about AM Drums below....

N.B. For custom-made (personalised) drums, see other listings (under the category 'CUSTOM MADE' on the right hand side).

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AM Drums

Spreading 'acoustic magic' through the healing power of music.

AM Drums are steel tongue drums (hank / tank drums or handpans), which are completely made by hand, in our rustic/rural home workshop, with loving care and personal attention – creating acoustic magic especially for you.

Every AM Drum is a work of art. Each one is unique and personal, with virtually any design or tuning possible – 432hz, 440hz, 528hz (444hz) or whatever. All AM Drums can also be TUNABLE and have 8 (or max 9) notes.

We are expert tuners and tune to precision, because we know how important it is to your health and wellbeing to experience the right vibrations.

Your choices are infinite, but please browse if you prefer our website to see a huge gallery of photos and examples:

Usually we would make a drum especially for you, so it is unique, personal and perfect for your needs.

This drum is ready-made drum (available immediately, already tuned and painted).

We're friendly and approachable, and we're happy to offer personal advice / guidance, before and after you buy your AM Drum.

Email us here:

Make friends with Ma Rustic (the maker) and have a live chat on Facebook:

'Like' AM Drums on Facebook here:

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We deliver all over the world. No countries are excluded [though local customs duties are your own responsibility]. If yours doesn't come up, just send us a message to add it.

For customers outside of Europe, America and Canada, the postage prices given are approximate

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Yes! AM Drums can be played by hand or with rubber-tipped drum sticks (provided). Playing by hands usually takes a little practise to get the right technique (though some people get it instantly), and it is a quieter, more personal experience. When using sticks, the sound is much louder and clearer, which is great for busking, performance or making recordings.

This video shows a comparison between using your hands and using the sticks:

Here is another example of an AM Drum being played by hand, by a talented percussionist at a festival (bear with it, it starts slowly):

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AM Drums have a warm, harmonious sound which resonates with vibrations in the human body, so they can help you to find an inner balance and strength. This is our inspiration for making them and we hope to spread love as far and wide as possible through our instruments.

They are very easy to play and encourage you to find your creativity. No musical experience or skill is needed.

AM Drums can be used for therapeutic, healing / Reiki and holistic purposes - including meditation and personal awakening - as well as to accompany other instruments, such as string instruments and other kinds of percussion instruments.

Playing the AM Drum can be a deeply uplifting, spiritual experience. We invite you to try them out and find your own tune :-)

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Disclaimer - AM Drums are made from recycled steel. The shape may have some indentations in it which originate from it's original form. This is just part of your AM Drum's character and does not affect the quality or tuning of the instrument in any way.

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