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AM Drum - MADE TO ORDER - steel tongue drum - hank tank handpan hang

190.00 - On Sale

AM Drums

Steel tongue drum - hank or tank drum - similar to a hang or handpan

This price is for a PLAIN design, in ANY COLOUR OF THE RAINBOW.

This AM Drum comes with

A complementary pair of rubber-tipped drumsticks
An information guide to the tuning



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More about AM Drums (general info)

Steel tongue hank drums are the perfect instrument to take to a festival, for playing around the camp fire and/or jamming with friends. The sound carries a long way outdoors so you're bound to get attention. Being made of tempered steel, with a hard protective paint/varnish coating, it's tough enough to be taken anywhere.

Ma Rustic has been making steel tongue drums for many years and has perfected the art, so that tuning, form and paintwork are all of the finest quality.

AM Drums can be playing by hand or with rubber-tipped drum sticks (provided). Playing by hand usually takes a little practise to get the right technique (though some people get it instantly), and it's a quieter, more personal experience. Playing with sticks produces a louder, clearer sound, best for busking/performance or recordings.

This video shows a comparison between using your hands and using the sticks:

Here is another example of an AM Drum being played by hand, by a talented percussionist at a festival (bear with it, it starts slowly):



For custom made AM Drums with detailed designs, see other listings.

Normally AM Drums are made to order, and customised specially for you. See other items for sale if this is what you want.


AM Drums are shipped from France. We deliver worldwide, so if your country isn't listed - just ask. If you don't see your country listed, just message us first, so we can check the postage price. No countries are excluded :-D



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Disclaimer - AM Drums are made from recycled steel. The shape may have some indentations in it which originate from it's original form. This is just part of your AM Drum's character and does not affect the quality or tuning of the instrument in any way. Photographs are for impression only. We strive to make your drum as similar as possible to the photo, and the best possible. Each one is custom made so it is unique, and there may be some slight variation.